The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade

What follows in an enjoyable 88mins with little wasting of screen time. Featuring Nick Frost as Ron the local dealer, the members of the gang were made up of a cast of unknowns from local youth and drama group — all of whom had apparently gone through a series of eight auditions. With a plot inspired after Cornish was himself mugged, the plot began to develop as he quizzed youth groups on what weapons they would use if there was an alien invasion — influences of which are evident in the final film. American distributors were concerned about the use of South London accents and Brit slang in the film expressing the warning that subtitles or a dub may be necessary for release in the U.

The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade

Based on a novella by Dostoyevsky, humor, the surreal, and excellent acting drive the narrative through a beautifully crafted dystopia untethered to any specific time or place. The film is directed and co-written by polymath Ayoade, who is also an actor The IT Crowdcomedian, and Cambridge graduate.

Richard, I became familiar with your work last night at the film premiere. I wonder how many people right now in the world are saying something like that.

First Stills Of Eisenberg In Richard Ayoade's 'The Double'

Do you get nervous debuting the film for new audiences? I feel resigned more than nervous. And you, Jesse, have never seen the film?

The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade

Feeling scrutinized by people watching you watch the film? Yeah, I suppose so. And the experience of making it is so vastly different than the final product, so you inevitably feel alien to it. Tell me about playing two characters at once.

But even more interesting was the opportunity to work with Richard because he has a way of working with actors that makes everyone on set feel really creative. Most movie characters are a prescribed set of behaviors that have already been determined and written, and the filming of the movie is usually just to account for those things.

Whereas everyone on this movie, even if they were only there for one day, felt they were not only being creative, but creating something new. It felt very specific and real. Richard, was that part of your guiding philosophy as a director?

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Well, the most interesting part of filming is what the actors do. You want each actor or character to be as thoroughly investigated as you can, and give everything its best case. They just have a sense because they have to literally do it.

Do you relate to this feeling of split personalities? Someone who believes the world is divided into good and evil. This is a philosophy? Something you do regularly, you get better at doing it.

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I try to write every day. Since this had that, I felt unusually busy and therefore like the opportunity for doing well was greater. When I do plays in New York and do eight shows a week, you have the same feeling.

Three of them are terrible, four of them are okay and one is really good. I ate a tomato and the show was good, but that of course is not how it works.

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For more from Sundanceclick here.The actual man behind Oliver’s movie in his mind is Ayoade and the choices he makes in SUBMARINE are inspired and incredibly clever. By constantly drawing attention to the filmmaking process – calling out his shots before they happen, pointing out conventional approaches to storytelling and then carrying out those exact same approaches – Ayoade demonstrates a fine understanding of film language and .

The social realism of the film submarine directed by richard ayonade

It’s impossible to discuss Submarine director Richard Ayoade’s sophomore film without mentioning its literary and filmic predecessors. Richard Ayoade’s dark comedy The Double is making the festival rounds: first at Toronto in September and now at the Sundance Film Festival.

The stylized and nightmarish film is about a young man whose interloping doppelgänger shows up at his workplace and attempts to usurp his life. Richard Ayoade undermines some solid performances with airless retro-stylings After rising to fame through The IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade made an accomplished directorial debut with coming-of-age saga Submarine.

"Submarine", "The Double", "Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo" are on The Best Movies Directed by Richard Ayoade on Flickchart. Richard Ayoade is a talent to be reckoned with—he firmly establishes himself as an dynamic and important auteur with this uncannily entertaining, stylish and compulsively watchable film.”.

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