The role of the judges

This standard is more likely to prevent situations where the public questions the impartiality of a judge. This will increase the likelihood of public confidence in the Judiciary.

The role of the judges

As director of the International Commission of Jurists, he also helped oversee the selection of the new attorney general in Guatemala who allowed this case, and other pending cases, to move forward. Transcript This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

On Tuesday, a national court in Guatemala handed down the first convictions for a notorious massacre. It was when Guatemalan soldiers attacked the village of Las Dos Erres and killed more than people—many of them women, children and the elderly—who were assaulted and beaten before they were shot or bludgeoned to death and then thrown down a well.

Now a Guatemalan judge has sentenced four of the soldiers who carried out the Dos Erres attack to 6, years of prison each. The court also found the soldiers guilty of crimes against human rights, adding another 30 years to their sentences.

After the sentencing, a relative of one of the victims celebrated the landmark verdict. Everyone from Dos Erres feels happy because we got what we wanted, so there will be justice for these people who did not have compassion for all those people—children, elderly, innocent people, hard-working—who they killed.

In related news, another soldier suspected of involvement in the Las Dos Erres massacre, Pedro Pimentel Rios, was deported from the United States earlier this month and could face similar charges. Explain what happened in in Guatemala.

So, there was a settlement called the Dos Erres, because it had the first letter of the two founders of the settlement.

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Annie Bird, talking about Dos Erres ineven where it is in Guatemala. The people in the region in that time were settling in the jungle in really hard conditions, working really hard to clear the forest, plant fields.

And the army came through in a series of massacres, so it was part of—that were part of a campaign of genocide between and in which they massacred over villages of civilian populations.

And so, he would have been a higher-up commanding officer that coordinated the campaign that the massacre of Dos Erres was a part of.

The massacre in Dos Erres took place over three days. Over men, women and children were massacred in the most brutal of ways. They were—most of the women were raped before they were killed. And, you know, the survivors have been on a long, long search for justice.

The case was first presented to the courts in Arrest warrants were issued in And a case was taken—you know, because the arrest warrants were never acted upon, it was taken before the Inter-American Commission.

The Inter-American Court ruled that the state was violating human rights in the case and not providing justice. And then, finally, this year, some of the material perpetrators, and now even also one of the high-up intellectual authors, are being arrested.

Annie Bird, can you talk about this? Very little is known in Guatemala about his past in the army. Of course, he runs as a general, as a former general, and is known to have been, of course, in the war. But the reality is that he is very well known in the Ixil area, very much identified by people there as having been a commanding officer in the region.

There were virtually no—there were no official prisoners of war during the war in Guatemala. And the role of the United States at this time—this was during the years of President Reagan—in supporting the Guatemalan military and training the G2, those that were killing the civilians?

There was strong, you know, really unquestioned support of the Guatemalan military by the United States, consistently, you know, since the military—since the U.

And actually, you know, and President Bill Clinton, when he visited Guatemala when he was president, apologized for the U. If Molina were to become the president—we this man who was standing over the dead bodies back in the early s—what would it mean for these trials?

Well, I think that, definitely, if he gets into the executive branch as president, he will, and also other ministers will, be blocking or trying to block some of the cases. She has been fighting for this case against the impunity, but it has been impossible.

The role of the judges

And the constitutional court is right now blocking this case.• Role as Fact-Finder – In some cases, the parties are not entitled to a jury trial.

As such, the trial judge may also serve as the finder of fact (the typical role of the jury). A judge often assumes this role in lower-level courts or when the defendant requests trial by judge alone. The role of the judges in court is to preside over the proceedings, to ensure that a fair trial is given, and to deliver the verdict at the end of the case [Units , REF4].

In civil cases the Judge decides upon the outcome of the case. The Role of the Judge in Our Society As we watch and reflect the hearings on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit to be a Justice of The United States Supreme Court, there is emerging evidence that those hearings in this “Age of Trump” may uniquely focus on what role judges should play in our society and how they should.

Judges and Their Roles The Lord Chancellor plays a crucial role in the appointment of all judges. The selection and appointment procedure for district judges, recorders and circuit judges is broadly the same. Head 2 Toe Cheer: KAEPA Name Brands Stunt Stand Cheerleading Supplier.

The Judges of Israel. Dennis Bratcher. The Cycle of Judges () A "judge" (Heb: shophet) was primarily a military leader of a particular tribe, although they could serve the role of both military and legal administrator.

The book of Judges is primarily the negative theological counterpart to . | Office of Administrative Law Judges