The impact of issue voting

Voter intimidation Voter registration problems Obviously, was not the first election in which these problems have occurred — and that itself is a problem. Below is a sampling of these problems, as reported by news outlets. More information will be available soon, once the results of nationwide surveys and Election Protection hotlines are released.

The impact of issue voting

Rational Choice — This is a model which ignores any of the factors above. Instead the voter bases their decision upon a rational decision after looking at the manifestos, leaders and the record of the parties. Issue Voting — Looking at the different policies you vote positively for ideas you support or against ideas you hate.

Key areas are economy, health and education. Party Competence — For example the Conservatives were previously trusted with the economy, until October and Black Wednesday.

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After this Labour were able to demonstrate their competence in this important area until Leadership — Elections have become more presidentialised and as such leaders are under increasing scrutiny. Their personality can have a huge impact on how people vote, e.

Of course this election has increased the scrutiny with the PM debates. Voting Context Model — Voters are trying to put the election into context and this can be seen in the following areas.

The impact of issue voting

Media — This can have an effect, particularly with the social media. Newspapers have traditionally held sway but this is changing rolling news channels, internet and social media e. Facebook and twitter ensuring people registered to vote. In newspapers nearly all turned their backs on Labour leader Gordon Brown, just the Mirror remained.

Independent, Observer and Guardian all opted for a reform of the system standpoint. Brown did receive a lot of adverse publicity but did it really affect him? In and the UK national newspapers were largely backing the same parties they had in the past.

By the impact of newspaper backing has been reduced because of the huge decline in newspaper readership particularly amongst younger voters. Impact on voter turnout — A low turnout figure does undermine the legitimacy of the winning party and so it is imperative that it is as high as possible.

Turnout in was Others believe there is little impact but there can sometimes be a bandwagon effect where a party gets ahead in the polls and people just flock to them because they want to be associated with winning.

In most of the polls were pointing to a large Conservative Majority, many underestimated the increase in young voters who mostly backed Labour.

However the Conservatives failed to get a majority and had a rely on a confidence and supply deal with Northern Ireland's DUP. In the election the opinion polls were largely completely inaccurate.

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A hung parliament was predicted throughout the election campaign. Most polls predicted an almost identical amount of seats for Labour and the Conservatives.THE IMPACT OF ISSUE VOTING ON LOCAL NONPARTISAN ELECTIONS by Jon Taylor Department of Political Sciences Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Mentor: William Schreckhise Department of Political Sciences Abstract This research provides an explanation of the impact that.

Issue Voting – Looking at the different policies you vote positively for ideas you support or against ideas you hate. Key areas are economy, health and education. Key areas are economy, health and education.

The term issue voting describes when voters cast their vote in elections based on political issues. In the context of an election, issues include "any questions of public policy which have been or are a matter of controversy and are sources of disagreement between political parties.

issue voting; media; Social class. When voting analysis began in it became clear that social class was the most important factor in the way people traditionally voted. We adopt a novel use for an old type of data – interest group scorecards – to explore the impact business organizations have on the political process.

Besides Issue 1's merits and demerits, it's an interesting question whether Issue 1 will boost overall voter turnout in this year's election for governor.

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