The etiology of autism essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Some aberrant or variant genes may yet be implicated, examples including neurologist and glutamate genes Gilbert.

The etiology of autism essay

I am seeing this vaccine argument all over my newsfeed lately, and I have to put in my two cents. Up until last year, I was right there with you.

The etiology of autism essay

I used to mock them. I figured they were understandably angry and full of grief, and looking for someone or something to blame for a mysterious disorder for which a cause cannot be found. I have two children with autism. So I figured these paranoid nuts needed to let it go, and move along and find someone or something else to blame.

After all, my own sons had only received a few vaccines as babies, before an out-of-state move and some other life circumstances disrupted our check-up schedules. It was not poor parenting or lack of enough attention.

It was severe, classic autism. The kind of autism parents have nightmares about their babies getting.

The etiology of autism essay

William But after a long, hard road and a lot of work, my sons did learn to speak — not always perfectly, but they could communicate. They can, with help, attend regular school.

I felt very very lucky. He would not be allowed to start sixth grade without it. For some reason I felt hesitant. I put off getting it. I had a weird feeling. But the school persisted and finally sent me a threatening notice.

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I talked myself into it. School did that for him! What harm could come from vaccinating a year-old? I took him to the doctor and got him the shot. William never does this. He is normally my strong, stoic child. The fit lasted all night. For several weeks his behavior at school deteriorated.

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My normally happy child was miserable. His voice, that he worked so hard to earn, was stolen. It took him months to regain his speech. Really, I feel like it took the entire school year before he was speaking in his old way once again.

I think the worst of it was over in a couple of months, but it was a long time before I heard long, complex sentences from him again. There was nothing I could do, so I did nothing but watch my son struggle and wallow in my guilt and grief.

I hate myself for putting him through it. I can tell this story. But my son was nearly twelve years old. And talking in sentences.

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And his speech immediately stopped the afternoon he got his shot. You cannot tell me I imagined this. Science has not proven to me that these vaccines are safe for everyone.


You make whatever decision you want for your kids, but no one will ever again tell me what to do with mine.Mayo Clinic Health Letter provides reliable, authoritative and accurate health information. Discover why it is one of the leading health publications.

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Explore now. Evidence for an environmental etiology in autism Extensive research has underscored the tight connection between development of the immune system and that of the CNS, thus substantiating the notion that disruption of critical events in immune development may play a role in neurobehavioral disorders including those of the autism spectrum [

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