Service encounter diary

I was rushing frantically from one end of the platform to the other in search of accommodation on the train.

Service encounter diary

How about a six-month bike tour from Patagonia to Peru? Wait a second, I can barely speak Spanish… what have I gotten myself into? Just 4,km to go!

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It took a year to save and prepare for the journey — plenty of time to plan the trip and start learning Spanish. There was no doubt about it: I was seriously throwing myself in the deep end. I could only count to three in Spanish and had never taken a bike-trip longer than a weekend — whereas my boyfriend Jimmy has already spent a year of his life bicycle touring and knows some Spanish from school and spending time in Spain.

Recognizing the progress I was making was great motivation.


It was fun to learn something new every day. I was too scared to speak aloud and make mistakes! And I realized this just in time for our hasty departure. Maybe it was the weeks of chaotic preparation, the two days of travel, jet lag or the shocking reality of pitching a tent in a new location every night.

Sure, I could read signs and newspaper headlines, but understanding Argentinians was a world apart from my Spanish teacher back home.

Thankfully, after a few days of fine tuning my ears, I began to recognize words I had learned amidst the indiscernible babble.

It was really encouraging to realize that I was learning Spanish after all — I just had to learn how to listen. Now, speaking was another story altogether!

Whenever someone asked me a question, my immediate reaction would be to look to Jimmy. He achieved his level of Spanish by not caring whether or not his sentences came out perfectly.

He just gets on with it and communicates with whatever words he knows. I suppose there is no way around it. We made a pit stop at his store on our way through a sparsely populated part of the Andes. Jimmy and I were immediately taken in by his big smile and shining eyes, and we knew that we wanted to get to know him better.

Service Encounter

In his presence, that initial fear of jumbling my words ran out the door. I relaxed, and we ended up having some great laughs together as he showed us how to bake bread.

By relying on gestures and body language to fill in the gaps — and by wanting to understand each other — Marcedonio and I had a proper conversation. Communicating with body language is not something that you learn in Spanish lessons. Talking to Marcedonio made me realize how much it can help to get your point across.I am a Travel Blogger from India.

This blog is a collection of my travel experiences and learnings. I share my travel stories to introduce the wonderful places that I have visited and thus have virtual tours with readers:). Service Encounter Diary Student Name: Li See Wing (I) Name of the Firm: Koone Soft Serve Type of Service Industry: Cafe Date of Encounter: 11th September Time of Encounter: pm 1.

How did the encounter take place (e.g. by phone, in person or self-service technology?) This service encounter took place in person where I went through the service face to face with the employees at. ANALYSIS OF SERVICE ENCOUNTER DIARY Introduction This report reviews the service encounter experiences with different service organization.

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The report reviews certain number of diaries experienced during the last 12 weeks. Essay Service Encounter Report Due: Session 11 words (+/- 10%) Service encounter diary Service encounter 4 critical incident (CI) encounters – words ‘Moments of truth’ - critical to your experience Refer to next slide.

Service encounter diary

Service Diary SERVICE ENCOUNTER: Harry Beckwith mentioned service as “Selling the invisible”.(Barlett, Service encounter is a dealing in which one person supply a good or a service to another person. (for example selling a product, selling a service an appointment with a doctor etc..).

There are different types of service encounters.

Service encounter diary

A service experience is defined as the service encounter and/or service process that creates the customer’s cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses which result in a mental mark, a memory (in line with Johnston and Clark ().

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