Response.write a new line

The string to write to the HTTP output stream. The HtmlEncode method strips any malicious script and invalid characters that may have been submitted in the UserName input field.

Response.write a new line

Click on Change to use the new Code Type and continue, Ignore to continue compression without changing the Code Type, or Cancel to abort so you can manually change your selection and adjust other settings.

Choosing the correct Code Type makes the compression of your code more safe and effective. Choosing the wrong option may lead to fewer optimizations or errors.

Select JavaScript when you want to compress just JavaScript code, as it would appear in an external. Only the following tags are considered valid open and close tags: Unfortunately ReadAsText method does not autodetect the encoding of the files properly, so if you see weird characters appearing in your document, or the text is incomplete, choose an appropriate charset value.

Most of the times you'll be good using ISO or UTF-8, but depending of the language you use in your documents, that needs to be changed. How to find out: You can determine which character encoding a certain file uses by opening that file in your browser. For example using FireFox, drop the file in a new tab.

If the characters appear wrong in FireFox, try selecting a different Character Encoding in the same menu until you find the one that displays your file correctly. Compresses smarty templates while preserving smarty code functionality.

For more information read the official smarty documentation about escaping smarty parsing. If selected, preserves all the comments found in the source code. Otherwise only important comments are preserved.

Important comments are not deleted. Please note that ASP support is quite basic and limited only to preserving anything between the mentioned tags. It is also useful to save disk space for integrated systems with a limited storage capacity, convert it for command line usage, and anywhere where you see fit.

String content is always preserved, so multiline strings, heredoc and nowdoc are always kept intact. Safe minimization This is the default level and is meant to reduce the size of your code as much as possible while preserving the layout representation.

Advanced minimization This does all of the above, plus tries to save some more bytes by removing whitespace characters between block elements.

Read further for a simple solution. In this level the resulting layout can get affected if the design relies in intertag whitespaces whitespaces between a close tag and an open tag. See the given examples below for a graphical explanation and a simple solution.

This is not a problem as long as this div display style is block, "Some" and "text" would continue to render in a separate line, one on top of another. However if these div display style were inline, what would render as "Some text" with the newline character between them, would turn into "Sometext" without it.

For a simple workaround, check next example. This produces in some circumstances a change in the layout of the page, where the page design relies on such spaces.

This ensures that the layout is preserved, yet provides one line of code output which is handy in many situations. Prevents removing quotes from attribute values in document types that support this feature.

response.write a new line

If you don't want this behavior, check this option. More document types that support attribute values without quotes will be considered in the near future. Check this option if you are compressing bits of html code that do not have a DOCTYPE declaration and you want to remove the quotes of attribute values.

This option is meant for documents without doctype declaration. If the document has a doctype declaration that falls under xml specification, quotes won't get removed.

This is desirable when the code is part of a template system and the design layout relies in those new line characters however is a bad practicein order to present the final output. Consider the following basic php templates.This C# tutorial uses the method in This method outputs data to the page.

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trifleJS: Headless automation for Internet Explorer Perfecting lists by putting in tags missed out: It can also detect when you have forgotten the closing quote mark, although this is something you will have to fix yourself.
Table of Contents Why would I want node. Tomasz Janczuk is working on the iisnode project lately.
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