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Our prime minister essay writer

United Kingdom is a large, industrialized democratic society and as such it has to have politics and therefore political issues. One of those issues how should executive branch work and whether the Prime Minister has too much power.

Right now in Great Britain there is a great debate on this issue and I am going to examine it in detail. The facts I have used here are from different writings on British politics which are all listed in my bibliography, but the opinions are my own and so are the arguments that I used to support my views.

First let me explain the process through which a person becomes a Prime Minister. The PM is selected by the sovereign. He or she chooses a man who can command the support of our prime minister essay writer of the members of the House of Commons. Such a man is normally the leader of the largest party in the House.

Where two are rivals in a three party contest such as those which occurred in the s he is usually selected from the party which wins the greatest number of seats. The Prime Minister is assumed to be the choice of his party and nowadays, so far as he can be ascertained, participation of a monarch is a pure formality.

Anyone suggested for this highest political office obviously has to be a very smart and willing individual, in fact it has been suggested that he be an "uncommon man of common opinions" Douglas V.

Not all Prime Ministers fitted this bill exactly, but every on of them had to pass one important test: Unlike Presidents of the United States all Prime Ministers have served a long apprenticeship in the legislature and have been ministers in previous Cabinets.

Unlike his fellow ministers he does not receive the seals of office: The Prime Minister has four areas of responsibilities. He is a head of the Government; he speaks for the Government in the House of Commons; he is the link between the Government and the sovereign; he is the leader of the nation.

He is chief executive, chief legislator and chief ambassador. As we can see the PM has an wide range of powers, maybe too wide. As head of the Government the Prime Minister has the power to recommend the appointment and dismissal of all other ministers.

Far from being merely first among equals, he is the dominant figure. Ministers wait in the hall of PMs office on No.

He has general supervision over all departments and appoints both the Permanent Secretary and the Parliamentary Secretary. The Cabinet office keeps a record of Cabinet decisions to make sure that PM has up to date information. He controls the agenda which the office prepares for Cabinet meetings.

Perhaps owing to American influence the two offices are becoming increasingly popular and there are signs that the Prime Minister is no longer content to be aided by nonpolitical civil servants.

our prime minister essay writer

There is little doubt that if he chooses the PM can be in complete command of his Cabinet. The PM must also give leadership in the House of Commons, though he usually appoints a colleague as Leader of the House.

He speaks for the Government on important matters-increasingly, questions are directed to him personally-and controls the business of the House through the Future Legislation Committee of the Cabinet which he appoints mainly from the senior nondepartamental ministers.

Since the success of his legislative program depends mainly on support of his party he must as a party leader attend to his duties and ensure that the machinery of his party is working properly and in the hands of men he could trust.

Basically the PM controls his party and in essence he controls the Parliament, but that is not all. The PM alone can request the sovereign to dissolve the Parliament and call a new election, it is open to debate whether it is this power to allow him the control of the party and the Parliament.

This is my main argument for this paper. In United Kingdom there is no system of checks and balances like there is in United States. A real democracy cannot function this way where there is one person of power and the rest can hardly do anything about it.

Members of the majority party will not go against the will of PM because it means going against the will of their own party and that is unheard of in England, members of the opposing party cannot do anything because they are a minority.

The Queen herself is a figure-head and does not have any real power.

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The PM is a link between the monarch and the Government, he keeps the Queen aware of what goes on with the Cabinet, the Government and the world at large. Although the Queen is a fictional figure and has no real power she can damage the reputation of the Government and the entire country by one careless word.THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Inspirational thoughts, motivational quotes, and wisdom from around the world A new thought each and every week.

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