Online learning master thesis in international relations

It also looks at general and specific issues of cultural heritage management. The Bachelor of Archaeology BA program is offered online via distance learning. After evaluating both academic record and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors will assist students in setting up a custom-made program, designed on an individual basis. This flexibility to meet student needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs.

Online learning master thesis in international relations

During your coursework, faculty with industry expertise will guide you in discussing and applying theories on: Leadership Team dynamics Strategic leadership The Master's in Leadership and Coaching will challenge you to be transformed into a confident, effective organizational leader who is ready to inspire others to follow your lead.

In the online leadership degree, executive coaching courses, and applied internship you will practice a unique blend of skills in interpersonal engagement including how to: Posititively influence others Effectively generate and implement creative solutions Impact the performance of an organization Guide an organization successfully through change Coach others to reach their own potential You'll graduate as a competent, self-aware leader who can effectively apply proven best practices to increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Program Outcomes The Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching will prepare you to lead a large corporation or to coach and consult on an individual or organizational basis.

At completion of the degree, graduates will be able to do the following: Critique the most relevant leadership theories and research and apply them to individuals, groups or organizations. Diagnose challenges and recommend leadership strategies for improved individual, group or organizational performance.

Demonstrate competency in coaching and communication. Degree Information The Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching MLC program is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in an advanced leadership role.

During the program, students will engage in the discussion, critique and application of leadership theories, advanced organizational behavior, team dynamics, and strategic leadership. At the start of the program, students are encouraged to take either MLC Social Psychology of Leadership.

Upon completion of the program, students will have earned an additional Certificate of Completion in Executive Coaching. Curriculum Major Requirements 36 credit hours Click a course name below to view course details. Each course is three credit hours. MLC Leadership Theories and Research 3 Credits This course explores the field of leadership through classic readings and research on such topics as the history of leadership, leader disposition, motivation, charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, and servant leadership.

Emphasis will be placed on critiquing contemporary leadership research that addresses current leadership challenges for individuals, groups, and organizations. Individuals will learn to lead through developing readiness and self-awareness.

Leadership development topics such as overcoming personal hardships, self-assessment and awareness, and giving and receiving feedback will be discussed in terms of formal leader development programs.

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MLC Leadership and Team Dynamics 3 Credits This course presents theories and models for practicing effective leadership at the team level by identifying stages of teams development and roles in a team structure, how to avoid group think, avoid barriers to the team communication, and determine the source of team conflict barriers.

Topics such as group formation, cohesion and development, structure and power will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on evaluating the effects of individual and organizational influences on team processes and performance.

MLC Social Psychology of Leadership 3 Credits This course examines several major social-psychological theories and experiments that have informed the study of leadership.In this article, we profile the 25 top affordable online master’s in communication degree programs.

Good communication is essential to every organization, whether leading a sales team or building strong customer and client relationships. 6.

online learning master thesis in international relations

Online Master’s Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Supply chain management: once upon a time it was an esoteric subject, poorly understood and little cared about by all but the world’s biggest companies and most specialized executives.

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The University of Central Florida is one of the largest colleges in the country, with more than 60, students studying at all levels. The school still manages to keep its student-to-faculty ratios low, ensuring learners receive individualized attention, including online students.

The graduate programs in Psychology, in Brandeis University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, offer generous scholarships for master's and Ph.D. students.

Galleries of Keiser Campus Photos, Events, & More - Keiser University The MA in History program presents a truly unique learning experience in higher education, with an innovative curriculum that encourages and enriches the professional career goals of our scholars. Our student base includes aspiring young professionals interested in secondary teaching, professional programs, the military, civil service, public history, and two-year college faculty positions, as well as students who plan to continue their graduate studies in history onward to the Ph.
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Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security, MSIA | Davenport University It is available online, at the St. Louis home campus, and at select U.
Master Programs During your coursework, faculty with industry expertise will guide you in discussing and applying theories on:
Table of Contents – One-year Online Master’s By combining the practical knowledge needed to be a well-rounded communication professional, you will be well equipped to handle the diverse communicative needs of companies, clients, and communities. Many professionals find that while they are experienced and capable in their jobs, they lack the critical skills needed to stand out.

The 4-year Program. The Army ROTC program is offered in addition to your regular college classes ans allows you to pursue almost any major you choose. Study online at Deakin's Cloud Campus and choose from over courses.

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