Mousetrap car project writeup

Design Activity Break the students into groups of 2 or 3. Groups will need a Team Name. Pass out supplies to student teams. Try to have them build the cars without any model or instruction beyond the basics.

Mousetrap car project writeup

Physics Catapult Competition Event Description: Teams of two or three people will build a catapult which is designed to throw a softball as far as possible.

Catapult must have an arm designed to throw the ball. A sling may be used maximize throwing potential, but slingshot devices are not permitted.

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When cocked, your catapult must be no taller than 2 meters. Your catapult must have a triggering mechanism which will allow you to stand outside the launch box. No explosions or air pressure may be used to assist the performance of your catapult.

In other words, the energy used to power your catapult must be provided by the device itself. Your catapult must be able to be cocked by one person. You may use the Interactive Physics programs installed on classroom computers to design and optimize your launch device.

A step-by-step tutorial on building a simple trebuchet in Interactive Physics is included at right for your reference. Each group will be allowed three launches. The best launch will be used as your score.

The longest launch wins. Your catapult must be dropped off at the staging area prior to the start of school on launch day and completely removed from the competition grounds by 3: Your group is to measure the amount of time your projectile is in the air using a stopwatch.

Mousetrap car project writeup

Based on this information, as well as the horizontal distance traveled by your projectile, calculate the initial velocity imparted to the projectile by your catapult. Submit your answers to the following questions on the Catapult Score Sheet.

You may answer 1 as a team. Answers to questions should be your own. Analyze your projectile's motion: How far did your projectile travel horizontally? How long was your projectile in the air? What was your projectile's horizontal velocity?

How long did it take your projectile to reach its maximum height?

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What was your projectile's initial vertical velocity? What was your projectile's total initial velocity? What was your projectile's launch angle? How did undertaking this project improve your understanding of projectile motion? How did you feel about this project when it was first assigned?

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How do you feel about this project now that it has concluded? What would you have done differently as you and your team worked through this project?

At first I was overwhelmed to say the least. Now I'm very proud of myself and feel like this project gave me more confidence as a physics student. Anything is possible if I just believe in myself. I liked this project, and it really got us to work together. It was a fun project to do with friends that also taught us a lot about not just projectile motion, but teamwork, construction, and other physics.

It also made me feel accomplished. The project was awesome.

Mousetrap car project writeup

It was so cool building something. I feel as though I really tested my creativity skills and I'm actually shocked that I was able to make a functioning catapult. I'm glad I did it because I learned many new things related to projectile motion and tools. Launch day was probably the most fun I've had this school year so far.

Learning Objectives

At first I was really scared and didn't think I would be able to complete this assignment. I really liked this project.MOUSETRAP RACECAR PROJECT Due Date: September 24 th/25 th, INTRODUCTION The mousetrap car shows how energy can be transmitted from one location to another to accomplish some form of work.

PHYSICS. Periods 2, 3 & 4 Spring Mousetrap -Mousetrap car collaboration time HW: 1) p. 71 #'s (in complete sentences and p. 73 #'s (show work) 2) Review notes 3) Mousetrap car: 25 Mousetrap writeup: 12 Turn in mousetrap writeup-Stamp/review hw.

Share; A simple snap-back mousetrap is an ingenious machine. With just a few parts (a wooden base, a spring, a metal bar, and a trigger mechanism) it can do its job quickly and efficiently.

Oct 30,  · Watch this video to see how to build a mousetrap car! Background: For the project, I and a few classmates were required to build a small car powered by any of a number of sources; we opted for a mousetrap that turned two rear wheels on a four-wheel car as it was released.

Our group's goal was to make the car go as far as possible. A mousetrap car is a small vehicle whose only source of motive power is a mousetrap.

Variations include the use of multiple traps, or very big rat traps, for added power. Mousetrap cars are often used in physics or other physical science classes to help students build problem-solving skills.

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