Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay

The subject of drug testing in the workplace is a controversial one for businesses. Many arguments exist supporting both sides of the debate. Some business owners feel they have every right to randomly test employees for illicit drug use, while others think it unnecessary if they hire the right staff in the first place. Pros of Workplace Drug Testing Workers who abuse drugs pose a safety risk in the workplace.

Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay educational issues. Mandatory pre-Employment Drug Test Essay Sample Introduction The legality of mandatory pre- employment drug is an issue that is still under much public debate because of the controversy it is generating in the public sphere.

In every state, the legislature governing the same is different, thereby in different states there is varied public outcry depending on the strictness of the law.

Since ethics have to do with a choice between good and bad, wrong or right, this topic borders on gross violation of the basic right of privacy with regard to human dignity. This is a policy that is aimed at ensuring safety in workplaces by reducing substance abusers in the work place.

This has four fold benefits like reducing unwarranted absenteeism, reducing underperformance and improves personal relationships in the workplace.

Security is also maintained since there are no irresponsible potential drug addicts within the working environment Karen et al The definition of drug as anything substance that modifies the biological function of any system body is very ambiguous especially when it comes to the enforcement of Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay law concerning pre drug test before employment This is rather punitive because some drugs are considered illegal depending on whether they have been prescribed by a physician or not.

In other cases, in different states, some drugs may be considered illegal when not used in the medical arena like opium.

Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay

Unfortunately there are no means of determining whether one has been using the drugs legally or the drugs are used for pleasure. The problem arises when one has been using a drug for medical purposes for a certain period prior employment and then after doing the test, the results are positive since the residual effect of a drug takes sometime to leave the body Levine and Rennie The drug test clause before employment states that test results being positive shall result in termination of employment without any benefits.

There have been cases of workers who had started working and after the test results come out they had to seek legal redress even after they admit to using the substances a long time before seeking that employment. The ironical part is that the substance use is never done during office time but at time when one is completely away from work.

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act ADA allows for rigorous activity against employees who abuse or use drugs by the employer but it has also failed to offer the necessary protection to the employee from the employer since the measures taken would be entirely up to the employer Karen, et al However the determination of whether someone had been using a substance legally or illegally is not considered a medical examination.

This is very discriminative because the testing seeks to create a class of outcasts those who test positive. The results are not conclusive because they are subject to mistakes human error or it worse as a result of a previous drug use.

The employer never takes into account the ramification of the report on the supposed employee who may have been on path to recovery from the habit or had come from a different state that had laws governing some drugs not so much illegal. This may lead to denying of employment opportunity to deserving potential workers.

In connection to that, a way or criterion should be devised for the absorption of these people that are found to be positive drug users whether by choice or through false evidence Levine and Rennie 8.

The primary goal for doing pre- employment tests is to be sure that your employees would perform to their optimum levels without any impairment from outside influence.

Mandatory pre-employment drug test essay

Unfortunately drug tests pre or post do not check for impairment but a discriminatory tool that will create misfits in the society after it accomplishes its goals. Other efficient and friendly ways for checking impairments should be devolved that will address the problem of underperformance at the core.

With the current advancement in technology, many ways of beating the doping exercise are on increase; therefore the results may not be a true reflection of the employee biological function and state. This has been witnessed in the sport industry where athletes had to do every trick in the book to beat positive results although they were serious abusers of the banned substances.

Chiasson was dismissed from work despite having worked for the company a construction company for nine days. This emanated from the fact that he tested positive and the agreement concerning pre- employment agreement was that positive results would result in termination of contract regardless of the explanation for the positive results.

In the judges ruling, he concluded that it was very unfair on the employee and the measures taken were very harsh given that the evidence given for dismissal were flimsy despite the agreement because they were based on preformed group statistics that relies on presumed statistics rather than on the capacity of an individual capacity to function and deliver Karen et al Another ethical issue shrouding this practice of mandatory drug test before employment is the violation of the privacy of individuals.

There is always a storm brewing over one consenting to be checked freely. This is as result of the legally binding clause that one has to undergo pre drug testing before employment which leaves no room for maneuver since your hands are tied behind your back.

This debate is usually extended to the extend of control or dictation of the employer on the free time of the employee especially during weekends and holidays. For accuracy of results, samples to be tested urine and blood are taken and analyzed immediately. The tests done range from simple ones that use a kit similar to the one used for pregnancy only this time they are checking for drugs.

For a negative result, one can have it in 24 hours but when the results are positive further analysis are required for verification. This verification will necessitate for the samples to be moved to higher laboratory.

All this happens without the consent of the employee and the results are considered a personal data which should be confidential and only shared between the employee and a physician conducting the tests.

Some data concerning the employee should only be known by two parties and not more people. A lot of testing can be done on urine and blood samples and one can never know what tests are carried out without your consent which is sanctioned by the employer.

During the collection of the sample, the employer usually fears that an employer may switch the sample so that the results may not reflect the actual biodata.

To avoid switching of samples, one may be required to give the samples before a panel of people or be accompanied by a person of the same sex to make sure the samples are not changed which is gross violation of ones rights Behrouz and Joannah This debate extends to the moral point of view where the proponents of this practice argue that the usage of drugs is irresponsible and morally wrong.Coffee shops are great locations to sit and enjoy some pleasure time with your family members, like one or with your good friends.

Here you get some great coffee, snacks and likewise other drinks. Pre-Employment Drug Testing: A Violation of Rights or the Way to Reduce Turnover. In , 57% of US companies conducted pre-employment drug testing as part of their recruitment process for reasons such as complying with federal and state regulations to lowering compensation insurance and healthcare costs during period of employment of newly-hire.

Mandatory pre-Employment Drug Test Essay Sample. Introduction The legality of mandatory pre- employment drug is an issue that is still under much public debate because of the controversy it is generating in the public sphere.

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- Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Drug Testing. Should mandatory drug testing be implemented on any and every American citizen receiving and/or trying to receive any form of welfare or government assistance programs whether it be food stamps, assistance with childcare, W.I.C.(Women Infants and Children), and/or T.A.N.F.(Temporary Assistance For Needy Families).

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