Making your essay longer

In fact, there are over a dozen different types of essays, most of which can be grouped into four major categories: The Narrative Essay The Expository Essay The Persuasive Essay Just as there are multiple types of essays, there are also multiple ways and steps to write an essay — the most widely used being the hamburger essay. As depicted in the hamburger format, the concluding paragraph is simply a reiteration of the introductory statement.

Making your essay longer

My essay is only two pages long, but it is supposed to be four pages. What should I do? The first instinct of many writers in this situation is to begin to babble or go off on a tangent for a paragraph or two. Unfortunately this almost always annoys the instructor who assigns a low grade as a result.

Instead of adding an extra paragraph that doesn't contribute much content to your discussion you may want to consider developing the paragraphs that you already have. Four Ways to Develop Paragraphs Give Every Body Paragraph a Topic Sentence It is often a good idea to begin the paragraphs in the body of your essay with a one sentence statement about what the paragraph is about.

This not only helps the reader understand where the essay is going, but it helps the writer stay focused and helps eliminate babbling. Discuss Only One Major Idea per Paragraph Many times longer paragraphs that contain more than one major idea can be split into separate paragraphs and further elaborated on.

Search your paragraphs for main ideas; if you find more than one major idea in a paragraph, weed it out, plant it into a new paragraph, and develop it in its own right. Sometimes two main ideas clash in one paragraph, and at other times, you may find two main ideas complementing each other.

In either case, if the ideas are important enough to elaborate on, you can separate them into their individual paragraphs.

Insert an Example into Each Paragraph One of the best ways to explain a point is to provide a specific example.

Almost every paragraph can use one. It is often useful to follow up the example with a brief discussion or explanation of the example. Conclude each paragraph with an answer to the question "so what?

Making your essay longer

Much like a topic sentence, this will help keep the writer focused. Don't simply repeat the thesis here; rather make a connection here between the topic of the paragraph and the thesis. This paragraph may well have started as just one sentence: Even after my arrest-while facing capital charges--the urges continued.

However, when the writer adds a topic sentence, an example, discussion of the example, and a "so what? I was in the sheriff's van in full restraints, handcuffs, leg-irons, and a belly-chain, when we passed a young woman walking along a wooded stretch of road.

I cannot begin to adequately describe the intensity of the urges that enveloped me that day. There I was, in the back of the sheriff's van on my way back to jail, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to get a hold of her.

Later, back in my cell, I fantasized about what would have happened had I gotten hold of her. The reader not only better understands the force of the urges, but also learns about the short and long-term effects these urges had on writer. Developing all of your body paragraphs is often the best way of making your essay both longer and better.Even the most experienced pro-life activist can benefit from this project.

Ongoing education on life issues, strategies and how we can better communicate our life-affirming message is beneficial to everyone.


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oh, and that you're replacing a period with a period of a bigger font. Seven Ways to Make your College Essay Stand Out. by CollegeBasics. 4 months ago. Because the college essay is not the same kind of essay that you write for your high school English teacher, it does not have to have the typical essay introduction, which provides a thesis statement.

Making Your Activity Essay Come Alive. Back to school means back to term papers, which means back to your professors imposing page count minimums on you.

3 Edgy Little Tips to Make Your Story More Compelling. I know the stated topic was making a story compelling. But, you, in “show don’t tell mode”, defined sub-plot. Take a look at #2. Sub-plot can be explained in the abstract all day and usually is.

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