It use to be green once

The four geysers from The Wizard of Oz's Palace fires up the series' title.

It use to be green once

After it disappears, the two see a basket and it falls to the ground, discovers a baby girl inside. As they pick it up, a tree branch is about to fall on them but the baby makes it move out of the way, saving the couple.

The woodcutter believes there is something that is not right about the baby, but his wife believes that she might be special and wants to keep the child, as they head for a place that is revealed to be the Emerald City of Oz. Fast forward to the years before the first curse, as Zelena shaves her father perfectly until she gives him a bloody nick, leading him to reveal to her that she is not his daughter and is nothing but a "witch.

But as she continues to watch, the Wizard tells her that Cora would later groom her younger sister Regina for royalty and would be later trained in sorcery by Rumplestlitskin. Zelena is then given a pair of silver slippers by the Wizard.

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She then uses it to take her to the Enchanted Forest and Rumplestiltskin. Zelena feels that with Rumplestiltskin teaching her, she now feels happy with him.

Unfortunately, this would all change when he skips out on a feast that she made for him in order to continue teaching Regina, making her more envious than ever. I have that effect on women.

Rumplestilskin then tells Zelena that unless she can take him to a land without magic, Regina has the job.

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And the next time, you will choose me. Suspicious, she uses her power to bring the curtain down. Walsh says he does not have magic, but he collects it. Zelena decides that she has no use for him, but what she could use is a trained circus animal.

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And after seeing a flying monkey poster, she drags Walsh and transforms him into one to do her bidding. Zelena then uses the magic viewer in the floor to watch Rumplestilskin train Regina, even as she turns green with envy and wicked as ever, vowing that by the time she was done, Regina would have never even been born.

She tells her that they are half-sisters and that Cora is their mother, then challenges her to a duel and sundown, demanding no interference whatsoever. At the Vault, Regina finds a letter from Cora, affirming that Zelena is telling the truth.

She is later tracked down by Robin, who, after pickpocketing it from her jacket, is allowed to read the letter. Also, Regina tells Robin Hood that if Rumplestiltskin, the one who taught her everything she knew about magic, thinks that Zelena is more powerful than Regina and Corashe will have no chance of winning the fight.

As a result, they head to the farmhouse, and as Belle runs down to the cellar to free Gold, Zelena appears from the background and Belle runs back upstairs, with Gold warning the others that Zelena wants them to know that if they interfere, he will kill them.

Henry gets suspicious about Hook after he says that he taught Neal when he was a boy, although they are the same age. Henry demands the truth.

Hook then tells him Emma is trying to protect him, saying that Neal had just lost his father when he met him, and Henry has more in common with him than he realizes.

It use to be green once

Zelena shows up first and means business and uses Gold to kill anyone after five minutesvowing to stop anyone from interfering, and proves it after Emma steps in by throwing her into her parents. Regina then finally steps up to battle, but not before slapping her older sister over the subject of their mother.

Zelena responds by throwing her sister into a car; Regina counters by conjuring up a fire ball which Zelena extinguishes quickly. Never bring your heart to a witch fight.

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A furious Zelena tells Regina that she will find her heart, and also vows to destroy her, before flying off on her broom.

The silver slippers Zelena wore in the episode are described as the same ones featured in the "Wizard of Oz" book. Ratings[ edit ] The episode saw an increase over the previous outing, placing a 2.

It use to be green once

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Then, add a banana to the bag, which will %(17). "It's Not Easy Being Green" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, and the show's 60th episode overall, which aired on April 6, Coke has at times been bottled in green glass bottles, which perhaps explains the popularity of this particular rumor.

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