Environment agency sustainable business report 2011 toyota

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Environment agency sustainable business report 2011 toyota

Our materials strategy addresses chemical management minimizing use of chemicals of concernsustainable materials use of recycled, recyclable or renewable materials and waste minimization. Everything we do today to better manage materials advances us toward a cleaner, healthier future.

Around the world there are a number of regulations and voluntary agreements concerning chemicals contained in consumer products.

These regulations either restrict or prohibit the use of certain chemicals or require their use to be reported to a government agency. Toyota complies with these global regulations and voluntary agreements with the intent of reducing the potential risks from chemical use in our vehicles and in all aspects of our business.

Chemical Management Target Implement IMDS data management system enterprise wide achieved Suppliers are required to enter detailed information about the chemical composition of parts and accessories into the International Material Data System IMDSwhich Toyota uses as the primary tool for collecting this information.

Use of IMDS is particularly crucial for ensuring compliance with international recyclability and chemical management laws such as those in China, South Korea, Europe and Japan. We adopted IMDS in North America to facilitate tracking and verification of compliance with these laws for vehicles assembled here and exported to international markets.

Our recent experience with using IMDS in North America is helping us better understand its benefit for overall chemical management.

Since Julysuppliers have been required to report IMDS data for all new production parts following part drawing release. The legislation was created to address concerns about copper found in runoff water.

We are working with suppliers on finding a suitable alternative. Toyota uses renewable, recycled and recyclable materials where practical. Over the last several years, Toyota has evaluated numerous materials made from renewable resources to assess their performance, appearance, safety and mass production capability.

Since plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their lifespan, such biomaterials achieve an estimated 20 percent reduction in material life cycle carbon dioxide emissions compared with conventional petroleum-based hydrin rubber.

Biohydrin rubber is expected to be used on all Toyota automobiles manufactured in Japan by the end of including Prius family vehicles manufactured in Japan and sold in North America.

Toyota plans to expand the use of biohydrin to other high-performance rubber components, such as brake hoses and fuel line hoses.

Toyota has been using bio-based plastics — plastics derived either wholly or in part from plant materials — in numerous parts and components for over a decade. Going forward, Toyota will continue to develop and commercialize technologies that enable the use of materials like Ecological Plastic and biosynthetic rubber in a wider range of components.

In addition to looking for opportunities to use sustainable materials inside the vehicle, we also consider packaging. The spare hydrogen fuel tank is shipped from Japan in a metal container, which, along with the fuel tank, weighs more than pounds.

While these containers could be stored safely at our facility, they were not ideal for shipping to dealers due to a top-heavy design.

environment agency sustainable business report 2011 toyota

Simply measuring waste generation would ignore end-of-life management and does not adequately account for reuse. Our 3R Rate counts all types of non-regulated waste including scrap steel and covers all North American assembly and unit plants as well as U. Going forward, Toyota will roll in the remaining North American sites.

Next steps include developing an integrated waste tracking system for use by all North American entities and estimating avoided waste from continuous improvement activities. Ultimately, our work on developing and testing this new KPI is preparing us for setting a 3R Rate target, which we plan to do as part of our next five-year environmental action plan.

Toyota currently does not have any non-regulated waste in the Recover Clean category. Toyota has 27 North American facilities that meet this definition, including 10 manufacturing plants. The award is based on our submission of calendar year data that covers both our U.

Prior toour U. In andTMS received honorable mention awards.

Criteria Pollutant Tailpipe Emissions

The WasteWise program helps organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to reduce municipal and select industrial wastes. Examples of projects implemented during fiscal year include: Lowering the set point on empty drums.

Team members at our assembly plant in Indiana reduced waste by more than 22, pounds. This material is used on the interior of vehicle doors to seal them from rain and snow.

Once both plants were at the same set point, they began systematically lowering it. They were able to lower the set point by 3 inches with no impact to quality. The CR90 is collapsible, can be reused an average of 14 times and increases trailer density by 57 percent.Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green.

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environment agency sustainable business report 2011 toyota

this is Toyota’s commitment to the environment. Throughout this report, a company that shows consideration to the environment and investigates and promotes sustainable systems and solutions.

Toyota’s values are outlined in the Guiding Principles and Earth Charter.

2011 Newsgroup Postings (02/26 - 03/13)

The Guiding Principles challenge the company to “be a good. Sustainable Business provides daily green news from across the world. Toyota’s North American Environmental Report. This year’s report features information about our four focus areas – CARBON, WATER, MATERIALS and BIODIVERSITY – .

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