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Italian Harlem[ edit ] Southern Italians and Sicilianswith a moderate number of Northern Italianssoon predominated, especially in the area east of Lexington Avenue between 96th and th Streets El barrio east of Madison Avenue between th and th Streets, with each street featuring people from different regions of Italy.

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The neighborhood became known as "Italian Harlem", the Italian American hub of Manhattan; it was the first part of Manhattan to be referred to as " Little Italy ". It was the founding location of the Genovese crime familyone of the Five Families that dominated organized crime in New York El barrio.

La Guardiaand later, in the s, by Italian-American civil rights lawyer, activist, and socialist Vito Marcantonio. The Italian neighborhood approached its peak in the s, with overItalian-Americans living in its crowded, run-down apartment buildings.

However, Italian inhabitants and vestiges of the old Italian neighborhood remain. Italian retail establishments still exist, such as Rao's restaurant, started inand the original Patsy's Pizzeria which opened in the In Mayone of the last remaining Italian retail businesses in the neighborhood, a barbershop owned by Claudio Caponigro on th Street, was threatened with closure by a rent increase.


Most of these predominantly older residents are clustered around Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, mainly from th to th Streets. According to the Censusthere were only 1, Italian-Americans still living in this area. Later, the name "El Barrio" "The Neighborhood" began to be used, especially by inhabitants of the area.

Decline[ edit ] In the s and s, large sections of East Harlem were leveled for urban renewal projects, and the neighborhood was one of the hardest hit areas in the s and s as New York City struggled with deficits, race riotsurban flight, gang warfare, drug abuse, crime and poverty.

Tenements were crowded, poorly maintained, and frequent targets for arson. In anda regional chapter of the Young Lords which were reorganized from a neighborhood street gang in Chicago by Jose Cha-Cha Jimenezran several programs including a Free Breakfast for Children and a Free Health Clinic to help Latino and poor families.

The Young Lords came together with the Black Panthers and called for Puerto Rican independence and neighborhood empowerment.

Still, as of the early s, the Latin Kings gang was still prevalent in East Harlem. Recent history[ edit ] By the beginning of the 21st century, East Harlem was a racially diverse neighborhood, with about a third of the population being Puerto Rican. With increased market-rate housing, including luxury condos and co-ops — most built on formerly vacant lots — there has been some decline of affordable housing in the community.


A number of young professionals have settled into these recently constructed buildings. This influx of " yuppies " has caused rents to rise, more buildings in the area to get gut renovations, and changes to area demographics.

The Post also reported that there were, according to the Harlem Neighborhood Block Association, "22 drug-treatment programs, four homeless-services providers and four transitional-living facilities" in East Harlem.

A real-estate broker described it as "one of the few remaining areas in New York City where you can secure a good deal". The article mentioned new luxury developments, access to transportation, the opening of new retail stores, bars and restaurants, and national-brand stores beginning to appear on the outskirts of the neighborhood.

Primarily, though, it was the cost of housing in comparison to the rest of Manhattan, which the article noted as the major factor.

The two sub-neighborhoods had a combined population of , an increase of 1, 1.

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Covering an area of Hispanic or Latino of any race were In the Census, By New York City averages, the youth makes up a larger than normal percentage of the East Harlem population with Increasing rents in Lower Manhattan's Chinatown have driven many into public and subsidized housing developments in the neighborhood.Heights Family to Family Collaborative \ Fathers and Families Together: S.

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El barrio

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