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The temple included a huge Buddhist university and more thanpeople reputedly worked and studied About the cource. We will never know the curriculum taught but a mysterious door frame hints at some ancient tales that must have been familiar to students at the time.

Photographer Jaro Poncar ponders the mystery door at Preah Khan. To see his extraordinary images of Angkor visit www. Licensed by Olivier About the cource — oc. The three collections include a wide range of characters and adventures. Some stories explain how great monuments like Angkor Wat were built.

Others tell tales of kings and queens of old, magicians, lovers, pirates…and even a clever rabbit who tricks tigers, elephants, crocodiles and people! With these ancient tales in mind, one day I found myself facing a mystery at Preah Khan. Each one seems to tell a story long since forgotten but, evidently when they were carved nearly years ago, these stone images spoke quite clearly to passersby.

Picture it today…what if you saw a princess with seven dwarfs by her side? Or a wolf dressed as an old woman carrying a basket of treats? Or two children in the woods finding a house made of gingerbread? Would you know the stories that the images conveyed?

Here, in the ancient capital of Angkor, students and teachers who passed this doorway in the university of Preah Khan also undoubtedly recognized the tales and the lessons they imparted. But what stories do these icons represent?

Below the nine images are presented from top to bottom. Does each one tell an individual tale? Or are they all part of one story? I invite your help in solving the mysteries… 1. As noted elsewhere on this site, the Khmer depicted many types of sacred women see this article with helpful comments by Peter Sharrock and Robert McCarthy.

Getting back to our happy subject, her unique double-looped hair style, the lotus she holds and a pet parrot all speak to her divine calling. French artist Jean Despujols painted this imaginary temple girl in The resemblance is striking and he was clearly inspired by Khmer art.

Meanwhile, back to our story, we see a man with a short hair cut and stretched earlobes kneeling at her side. Is he a devotee worshiping her…making an offering of food…or does he hope to become a lover?

Khmer Madonna with Child Khmer Madonna with Child A mature, bare-breasted mother smiles widely as she carries a child, perhaps breast feeding him, along with a container possibly filled with rice.

Her hair seems to be gathered in a clasp, falling in curls below. Is is possible that he is featured again in one of the icons below? Like all the people depicted on this icons she is simply dressed like a peasant, as opposed to being of royal blood.

Disturbed by their constant battles, the animals ask Indra himself to descend from heaven to stop their fighting. Long ago, the region was underwater, and other folktales also describe times when the geography was quite different from today. Could this tale have also been told in the Khmer capital in the 12th century?

But while I saw snakes, Olivier Cunin, saw birds. Barney the Dinosaur seen at left instantly comes to mind. But perhaps those bulbous noses are actually big beaks that softened as the stone wore down. She carries a jug while balancing two more containers on a yoke across her shoulders.

I have noted a similar female appearing at the temple of Neak Pean offering water to a god.加賀セントラルゴルフ俱楽部の公式サイト。なだらかな丘陵地に広がる戦略性に富んだゴルフコース。レストランでは、和食から洋食、スイーツまで幅広いジャンルの料理をご用意し、皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。. The Home Course, with panoramic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainier, is cooperatively owned and operated by the PNGA and WSGA.

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Preah Khan, Cambodia – Hidden in the jungle north of Angkor lay the ruins of Preah grupobittia.com 1, AD, King Jayavarman VII and Queen Indradevi consecrated the royal temple to commemorate a victory over an invading army at that very spot. The temple included a huge Buddhist university and more than , people reputedly worked and studied there. 四川省産唐辛子やピーセントウバンジャンといった本場の調味料や香辛料を用い、コクと辛味が融合した本場の味を再現し. (独)雇用・能力開発機構 神奈川職業訓練センターは、神奈川県内の団体や事業主の方々を対象に、雇用と能力の開発に関する様々な相談や支援を行っています。お気軽にご利 .

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